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            Sunday, January 11, 2009

            One of those update posts!

            A couple updates I know you'll all want to hear...

            The starving mare in Gainesville on Craigslist that was mentioned in the comments - A.C. was definitely heading out there as of the 7th and we should hear what happened soon.

            The horses on the reservation land that we just talked about - one has been rescued and someone is working on the one in the picture. We'll let you know if that happens!

            . . Of course he's trying to get the horses back! Asshat. I know we mentioned this on the blog but it might have been in the comments, I'm not finding the original link. I'm glad they popped him with a big fine but he deserved more jail time. Again, horses are dead here.

            And of course the update that I know a lot have been waiting for - Champagne Til Dawn (Champ). My farrier came out today and we decided to go ahead with shoes to make him more comfortable. She set up a double nail pad system - pictures from during the actual shoeing job are coming, but it is very similar to what was done with . We did do glue-ons since his feet were sensitive. (As she says, this is an ugly shoeing job - but it works!) Since he is staying indoors and only going out in the soft round pen type area, they should hold pretty well. He was a "Champ" about the shoeing and if he was uncomfortable, he was quickly distracted by a cookie. By the end of the shoeing, his new name was "cookie monster."

            I was really encouraged by the fact that he could and did stand on each of his front legs alone! I didn't expect him to be able to do that, and of course he got rest breaks, but he handled more than I thought he could. Later in the day, it was fun to watch him learning to walk on his new platforms. At first he was hesitant but soon he was walking right out with no more encouragement than baby carrots as a bribe. He was definitely surprised that he could walk. I will bet it has been a long time. I continue to be impressed by his disposition. When we walked him outside for pics today, he did see the mares and whinnied and arched his neck but his manners remained perfect.

            Here's courtesy of La Mexicana (Petersburg Knight's mom!). I'll try to get an update video in a week so you can watch his progress. Those of you who saw him literally hobbling and hopping at the auction will really see the difference! My understanding is they had a hell of a time getting him into the auction ring to sell him. Hey, did his actual owner run him through? Do we have a description? That is one asshat that definitely needs outing!

            I am pretty convinced at this point that he will have (with continued excellent hoof care) a good shot at having the comfortable retirement he deserves. We'll know for sure in a few weeks but it's so good to see the progress. Thanks again to my vet, , my farrier, Sandy Craig, for giving him a safe place to rehab, and of course everybody who donated to help Champ!

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