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        Thursday, January 22, 2009

        It's getting to be like a broken record

        OK, you were all waiting for #10 on my STFU list. Well, guess who got 8 horses taken away from her again last night? I have provided a visual clue at left.

        She is claiming they're not hers, of course. She says they used to be hers but she gave them to someone named Nancy Pacey, who seems to be the latest person covering up for our favorite batshit crazy hoarder. Of course, Nancy has a gazillion horses of her own that she can't feed. She's been getting her hay bought for her by Jules, long-time hay-buying enabler of ol' Photoshopped Ass. Wow, Jules, you must have a lot of money to be financing all this faux rescuing - or are you simply maxing out your credit cards, second-and-third mortgaging your own home and well on your way to complete and total financial ruin like everybody else who comes near Dean? I hear your generosity is being rewarded by a full plate of backstabbing and lies. If you'd like to spill all the beans, that's what this blog is for - come on over and tell us all about it!

        I'm curious to hear which horses are among the eight. Perhaps Kimmie, who was supposed to be given to SOS Equines, but strangely never showed up? Dean claimed Kimmie was impossible to load, yet Kimmie has been moved three times by Dean since all the drama started. Amazing! Of course, the other mare that you can't even halter without it trying to kick you into the next galaxy...that one showed up.

        (For those of you whining about my absence this morning, I was waiting to confirm this story before posting...'cause I know all of you inquiring minds wanted to know!)

        Is it going to end? No, no, it's not. Dean will always charm people into covering for her and enabling her. That is what she does well. And I suspect that many of you who read this and think "WTF is wrong with these people who help her?" are teetering on the edge of similar situations yourselves. I've been there too. We all want to help out a friend in need, a friend who is going through a tough time and it's admirable to do so...but how long does the tough time have to last before you acknowledge that it's not a tough time, it's how things are and the person is taking no constructive steps to change it? How many jobs do you think Dean has applied for in the past year or two? How many of Dean's personal luxuries has she sold to provide hay and care for her horses? Uh-huh. If you are helping a friend feed their horses right now, take a step back and ask yourself - are they really working to get out of their rut themselves? Or have you acquired an oversized, overaged dependent - complete with four legged sub-dependents?

        Definitely something to think about in these difficult times...

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